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Business Transactions

Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C. — trusted by Dubuque’s business leaders for more than 20 years.

We Know Business

At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., we want to know your business as well as you do. Our attorneys fully immerse themselves in our clients’ business structures, daily activities and industries. This level of commitment allows us to provide smart, effective ongoing business advice and counsel.

Our business transaction services include:

  • Negotiating, reviewing and drafting contracts, including vendor, manufacture and distribution contracts, partnership agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions, including performing due diligence
  • Acquiring and selling commercial real estate and commercial equipment
  • The purchase and sale of business interests
  • Negotiating and drafting franchise agreements
  • Dissolution and divestiture
  • Corporate reorganizations

We Speak Business

When you come to Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., your case will be personally handled by experienced attorneys. Many of our lawyers have business, accounting and finance backgrounds; and two are certified public accountants (CPAs).

We base our success on your success. Every legal strategy we use is designed to advance your goals and grow your business.

Protection Against Future Liability

At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., we act as an insurance policy for our clients. Every contract drafted and transaction conducted is done in a manner that shields our clients from liability and keeps them out of court.

However, in the event that contract disputes arise, we have the skills and experience necessary to protect our clients’ interests. Whether the dispute is regarding the validity of a contract, an alleged breach, a warranty offer or a foreclosure dispute, or arises during a purchase or sale, our attorneys will protect your financial interests and corporate goodwill in and out of court.

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