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Commercial And Business Law

Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., has been providing reliable, trusted commercial law services to Dubuque’s businesses for more than 20 years. Our firm serves the legal needs of businesses throughout the tri-state area in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

The Leading Law Firm For Dubuque Business

At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., we speak business. Our attorneys have business and financial backgrounds. Two are certified public accountants (CPAs). This knowledge allows us to take a big-picture approach to business. We evaluate the legal, business and financial implication of every decision and develop strategies that help clients capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Over the years, businesses have turned to Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., for assistance during both day-to-day business management and legal counsel and advice on a wide range of commercial issues, including:

Experienced Business Litigation Attorneys

At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., our attorneys are experienced, effective trial lawyers. We are dedicated to protecting our client’s financial health and corporate goodwill during commercial litigation disputes. Our attorneys are skilled in both state and federal court. They use every legal tool available to resolve disputes in the most economic and beneficial manner.

For assistance with all of your business and legal needs, contact Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., at 866-493-0667.