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In addition to the risks and opportunities facing all businesses, nonprofit organizations face a bevy of challenges specific to charitable entities. At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., we have been assisting nonprofits in the Dubuque area for more than 20 years.

We know the legal landscape and understand the unique considerations facing nonprofit organizations today. Our attorneys help charitable organizations with all of their legal and business needs so they can focus on serving the needs of the community and affecting their causes.

Legal Representation For Nonprofits

Over the years, our firm has represented a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including business foundations, family foundations, churches and other religious orders, and other public service entities.

We provide representation to nonprofit organizations during every stage of their venture, from formation to dissolution. Forming a nonprofit organization is a complex process. Organizations must meet all of the legal requirements to qualify as a s501(c)(3). Our attorneys assist with the entire formation process, including drafting bylaws and conflict of interest policies.

Our attorneys also provide nonprofit organizations with advice regarding charitable donations. When supporters make non-monetary donations, such as real estate, the consequences of the donation must be determined, including whether the donation exposes the charity to tax or environmental liability.

Protecting Charities During Litigation

Allegations of misconduct not only impact the reputations of individual board members and the organization, but they can also negatively impact fundraising abilities. Defending against a legal claim can also quickly drain resources, taking away from a nonprofit’s ability to serve its cause.

At Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C., our lawyers aggressively protect our nonprofit clients during litigation. We work to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible while vindicating our clients and protecting their corporate goodwill.

We have achieved successful results in a wide range of complex disputes, including contract disputes, employment disputes and government compliance lawsuits.

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